"There is a sense of rightness wherever you are in the house. The sun seems to shine in every corner. Regardless of my mood, whenever I walk into my home, I feel energetic and confident."—Michael Dimick


"Our Maharishi Sthapatya Veda house has a natural and nourishing feeling. Since we moved in, life has seemed to go more smoothly for our family."—Graham and Leanne de Freitas

"We have noticed many positive influences, including more harmony in our home and in our lives. We've experienced more income and success, and the joy of seeing our family even happier on a day-to-day basis."—Walter Reifslager

"My favorite feature is that people don't leave. Our entire home is so pleasant, and every room is the best spot."—Rhonda Day


"We have enjoyed greater comfort and security, greater harmony, and greater financial success. We love to come home to our Vastu. There's nothing else like it."—Bruce Hauptman