Five thousand years ago an ancient civilization existed where life was lived in total accordance with Natural Law. This civilization was characterized by peace, harmony and long life. Good fortune and success dominated life with every field expressing the total potential of Natural Law. Education produced fully developed individuals, government played a parental role, healthcare had its basis in prevention and even architecture contributed to the health, bliss and good fortune of everyone. This Vedic Civilization was the most enlightened period of life on Earth. But, through the long lapse of time, most of the technologies and principles which governed this age were all but forgotten—that is, until recently.

The Last 50 Years

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has spent the past 50 years reviving the ancient wisdom of this great civilization. Most recently, he has brought to light the exact and detailed principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Vastu architecture. This enlightened form of architecture reestablishes the connection of the individual to the cosmos, thereby aligning individual thought with cosmic awareness, awareness in accordance with Natural Law. Living or working in a home or office built according to Maharishi Vastu architecture is simply living life according to Natural Law—the Will of God. These Fortune-Creating Buildings assure success, health, happiness and long life to their occupants.

100% Non-Toxic

Maharishi Vastu architecture describes how orientation, room placement and proportion should be utilized in order to bring any structure, and its occupants, in complete alignment with Natural Law. In addition, these structures make use of 100% non-toxic building materials. In an age where sick building syndrome has come to be the norm, these healthy, Fortune-
buildings of Maharishi Vastu architecture rise to the challenge.